University of Split – Faculty of Science, Split, Croatia

HCI Lab, Faculty of Science, University of Split

The Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory (HCI Lab) is part of the Computer Science Department at the Faculty of Science, University of Split. We acknowledge the importance of good interface design and necessity to develop Information Society Technology (IST) products and services, namely interactive products that are easy, effective and enjoyable to use from the users’ perspective. Here the term interactive products is used generally to refer to all classes of technologies, interactive systems, environments, tools, applications, services and devices. We are interested in designing, developing, and evaluating user interfaces and interactions to help users solve their challenging problems in everyday life. We believe that understanding people’s needs and abilities is vital to developing successful future interactive products.

The HCI Lab has a particular focus on Adaptive and personalized interfaces and interaction, User modelling, Context-awareness, Creativity, Usability and User Experience, Affective computing and interaction, Multimodal interaction and interfaces, Technology acceptance, Ubiquitous learning, Technology enhanced learning, Design for users with disabilities, Usable interactive technologies for active and healthy ageing.

Andrina Granić is professor of Computer Science and the director of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory (HCI Lab) at Faculty of Science, University of Split, Croatia. She has published widely in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and technology acceptance. Andrina is on the Editorial Board of five international journals and has served as a Program/Organization Committee member in more than 60 international conferences. She has been involved or is currently participating, as coordinator or partner, in a number of national and international projects. For the past ten years she has been invited by the European Commission as an expert evaluator.