Scitics – Visual Trend Analytics

Those who recognize the signs of the times have an advantage in the market. The sooner this is possible, the better. We have developed a solution to identify and evaluate market trends at an early stage. Companies need to identify trends early and target market and technology developments to respond to increasing competitive pressures and rapid changes in their industry. You have to filter out early signs from the vast amount of information available to set the right course in time.


Holistic Data Processing

One of the added benefits of our analytics solution is the coverage of the entire data processing process, from data acquisition to data processing and delivery to visualization. This allows us to integrate almost all possible additional databases that are necessary for our target users. There is basically no restriction, so internal company databases can be integrated as well as external (public) databases. But also the type of database is not limited to publication databases, e.g. also news data or social media data basically possible.


Qualitative External Databases and In-House Data

For the detection of weak signals, the added value of automatic data analysis, semantics and interactive visualization is used. For an optimal trend analysis the data basis covers a broad area. Existing publication databases provide a solid foundation as they address new technologies and methods early on, before products are on the market. Often, medium and large companies also have their own databases, which are better suited for a market analysis strategy. We have already integrated a number of different databases for the analysis process. Our claim aims at the integration of as many large and valid databases as possible from the various domains and from the most diverse data types.

But with our analytics solution, companies can also get a lot of value from their own data histories. For this purpose, it is possible to feed in and analyze your own company data in the analysis solution. By combining public databases and their own business databases, companies have an optimal analysis option of the market to ultimately make better decisions.


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