SmartEval – Novel Web-based Evaluation

Creating websites and in web-application that satisfies your users and customizers is always a challenging, but indeed it is extremely important. Unsatisfied users will leave and maybe never come back, which is obviously bad for your business. The avoid the risk of leaving customers website owners should evaluate their website in regards of user satisfaction and usability – you should ensure that users can do with your service what they intend to do.

On the market there are still a number of solutions to test websites, even by involving the users. The most often used approach is the use of questionnaires, which allows your users to give a feedback how they like your websites and maybe what can be improved. This test form is simple and easy to implement, however, you cannot identify where users might get problems on your website. The other form is making a user study, which is expensive and very complex and you have to invite users to laboratory etc. where you can observe what the user is doing.


A Novel Evaluation Solution

SmartEval is a mixture of both that even keeps the complexity and costs on a minimum level! Next to classical questionnaires, SmartEval allows to let user perform predefined task to answer given questions. This enables a great insight view of users deal with your web-software and you can easily see, which tasks the users could answer and how much time they needed for that. On this way it is easy to identify features that should be better improved, because users had often problems in using them correctly to solve a task.

The make the software more powerful, we work very close with psychologists from the research domain, who support us in creating questionnaires that enables to measure intuitiveness and a couple of other important indicators. The reason for this is simple, the more intuitive your web-application is the better and easier it can be used and the more users you do satisfy!


Practically proofed System

SmartEval is proofed in many practical scenarios, on which basis we have refined the system more and more so that it is suitable for many evaluation cases.


More Information and Try it out

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. One demo (still in preperation – we appologize the delay) evaluation scenario where you can try the evaluation system and some features is about Digital Library Search. We can even send some further example evaluations so that you can get an insight view on our evaluation solution and what you can expect. And for sure, we can also prepare an evaluation environment for your website, just contact us.