Trend Analytics and Technology Foresights

Would you like to identify actors, technologies and trends in your market segment early and easily? Would you like to gain a competitive advantage through customized software? We have developed a visually interactive software that helps you quickly and easily identify early market and technology trends and identify key players in the marketplace

Our solution includes the following components:

Data Integration: For effective market analysis, we first integrate a wide variety of data sources that provide potential for early signals in the marketplace.

Information Extraction: From these diverse data sources, information that is necessary for the analysis is automatically extracted. These are meaningfully linked to create a comprehensive picture of the market segment.

Visualization: With our graphical user interface you can intuitively tap the market segment. Our modern visualization technologies support you in exploring and analyzing the current market situation effectively and efficiently.

Our analysis software enables you to gain insights into the current market situation and thus achieve an advantage over other players.