Digital Education and Digital Learning

Digitization and digital educational offerings are playing an increasingly important role in vocational education and training. Various open technologies and didactic concepts are available that can be used for digital teaching in vocational education. However, there is often a lack of understanding of digital education and knowledge about the possibilities of digital teaching.

Digital learning is the learning of new things and the deepening of existing knowledge using computer-based systems. Various technologies are used to enhance the learning experience and the learning result. Digital learning is used in distance learning as well as within an educational institute or within a learning course. Digital learning is characterized by the fact that it is conducted in a virtual learning environment with digital learning content. It enables both asynchronous learning (self-directed learning) and synchronous learning through live instructions from a teacher on site or via web conferences (communication systems).

As a result of our research activities in the field of digital teaching and digital learning, we set up and operate a few learning platforms. One of our the most relevant platforms is the Dozenturio platform ( Dozenturio is the internet presence with the various learning modules for digital learning for the project Digitallabor Groß-Gerau, an initiative of the district of Groß-Gerau and the municipal jobcenter of the district to strengthen digital education and digital learning in the vocational and school context.