Bachelor & Master Theses

As an active group in research and teaching, we offer committed students exciting topics in the field of current applied research. Our team is always interested in engaged students that would like research on innovative topics in the field of applied research. Next to a number of already defined topics, we are open for new impulses and ideas in perspective of research and new upcoming technologies, because it is important for us that students work on topics that interest them personally. So, if you have an idea, do not hesitate to start talking with us.

We offer thesis topics for students from Universities of Applied Sciences as well as (Technical) Universities. Due to a strong collaboration with the TU Darmstadt, we can provide supervisors (professor) for those students too.

Next the own ideas for a thesis, we already offer a list of pre-defined topics.

If you are interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Completed Theses


Master Thesis

  • Midhad Blazevic – Visual Search & Exploration for Scientific Publications through Similarity (h_da)
  • Mina Schütz – Detection and Identification of Fake News: Binary Content Classification with a Pre-Trained Language Model (h_da)
  • Ubaid Rana – Named-Entity Recognition on Publications and Raw-Text for Meticulous Insight at Visual Trend Analytics (TU Darmstadt)

Bachelor Thesis

  • Cristian Secco – Parallel coordinates plots for visual analysis of multivariate data (h_da)


Master Thesis

  • Daniela Keller – Interactive Graphical Database Querying – Understanding SQL-Statements through Graphical Presentations (h_da)
  • Rehman Ahmed Abdul – Contrasted Data from Science and Web for Advanced Visual Trend Analytics (TU Darmstadt)
  • Muhammad Ali Riaz – Visual Trend Analysis on Condensed Expert Data beside Research Library Data for Enhanced Insights (TU Darmstadt)
  • Habib Duman – Visual Analytics zur Trendvorhersage im Prozess des Technologie- und Innovationsmanagements (h_da)

Bachelor Thesis

  • Viet Anh Ly – Interactive visualization for analytical comparisons (h_da)
  • Hong Giang Hoang – Interactive Comparative Visualization for Digital Libraries (h_da)
  • Lennart Bijan Sina – Visual Information Design – Analysis and Exploration with Visualization Dashboards (h_da)


Master Thesis

  • Ranveer Purey – Visual Trend Analysis on Digital Semantic Library Data for Innovation Management (TU Darmstadt)
  • Namitha Chandrashekara – User-Centered Scientific Publication Research and Exploration in Digital Libraries (TU Darmstadt)
  • Akshay Madhav Deshmukh – Automated User Evaluation Analysis for a Simplified and Continuous Software Development (TU Darmstadt)

Bachelor Thesis

  • Chatime Kakali – Methoden zur Darstellung von Innovationen und Trends in Social Media (h_da)
  • Suna Kaya – Methoden zur Erkennung und Darstellung von Innovationen und Technologietrends (h_da)