The research group Human-Computer Interaction & Visual Analytics is at the forefront of international research in the field business and big data analytics and knows how to implement them individually for companies. Our solutions cover the entire analysis workflow, from data connectivity and automatic analysis to interactive visualization.

We effectively make knowledge and solutions available to our customers and their decision-making. We adapt our technologies individually to your requirements. If necessary, we also supplement and expand the possibilities of existing analysis products.

Contact us, we offer the many years of experience of our team as part of the following services:

Development Projects

Innovation needs a strong partner. Through the many years of experience on behalf of the industry, our research group has been researching and developing a number of smart solutions. The focus is on the customer and his goals. Together with the customer, we develop concepts and implement them to prototype maturity.

Research is the basis for innovation. As the leading provider of applied visual analytics solutions, we bring in-depth knowledge of information visualization, visual analytics and data mining research. This expertise is an essential basis for technology positioning and innovation-driven thinking, which we have already regularly conveyed in the form of studies.

Our research is practical. Therefore, the development of innovative key technologies plays a crucial role. Upon request, we will also develop business and utilization models with the customer and, of course, customer success and customer loyalty are important to us. Because your success is important to us.

Specifically, this means:

  • Analyze your data, infrastructure and workflows
  • Support in design decisions
  • Software specification
  • Proof-of-concept / development of prototypes
  • Transferring research results to the company
  • Evaluation and practice text
  • Support Contracts

Consulting Projects

With our expertise and active research in Information Visualization and visual analytics, we can help you get the most out of your data. We offer you comprehensive advice around data visualization and analysis. We analyze the tasks, the data and the potential users together with you. At the end there is a customer-oriented solution.

Based on this analysis, we will take the further steps together with you, from the prototype to the final product. In doing so, we can draw on a broad and proven spectrum of visualization techniques that we have researched and successfully applied in an industrial context. We complement deep technical understanding with scientific excellence. With our strong anchoring in science, we help you invest early in the future.

We advise our clients, among others:

  • Visualization Concepts
  • Interaction Concepts
  • Analysis Concepts

In addition, we also offer:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Prototypes
  • Research and Development


A Data Analyst combines skills from three different disciplines. He knows your data and your business to ask the right questions. He knows which statistical methods have to be used in order to make valid evaluations. And he has the repertoire of methods, techniques and toolkits for editing the data in this evaluation. Visualization connects these three disciplines. With our training, you keep your employees up to date with the latest in visual data analysis.

We offer training on methods and techniques in the field of visual data analysis. As applied research organization, we are at the interface between research and industry. Our experts teach at renowned universities. The mediated knowledge can be used directly.

Our training program currently includes the following topics:

  • Application of visualization and visualization toolkits
  • Development of own visualizations for your specific questions
  • Apply Data Science methods
  • User-centered Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Visualization on the Web


The fields of application for visualization and visual analysis are constantly evolving. Especially the availability of interactive visualization on the web offers a new infrastructure for analysis, reporting and marketing.

Our team develops studies around the central topics of visualization and data analysis in practice. This includes the evaluation of individual techniques for specific tasks and their embedding in data infrastructures. We offer with our studies:

  • Technology Review
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cost/Benefit Analyzes


Our team specializes in efficiently and effectively analyzing complex heterogeneous datasets. In doing so, we benefit in particular from the following points in our solution strategies:

  • Our research work in the field of human-computer interaction and visual analytics operates at the highest international level
  • The wide range of analysis, testing and visualization methods enables us to work out the optimal solution for your analytical question.
  • Our own development goes beyond the standard scope of commercial systems.
  • We pursue user-centered approaches to optimally respond to your needs.

Get your analysis results in the form of reports, dashboards, infographics or visualizations. Take a look at our already existing solutions.

Contact us. We will gladly work out together possible solution strategies for your individual analysis goal.