Running Projects


In the VSights project, we aim to provide a holistic Visual Analytics approach for Corporate Foresight. 


VAVTech is an innovative system enabling early-stage identification and accurate prediction of promising technologies for companies, start-ups, and advisors.


VAMed aims to utilize machine learning to extract, structure, and visualize therapy, diagnosis, medication, and symptom information from electronic patient records (ePA).


SciColab is an innovative platform that enables collaborative research and supports researchers by infusing various kinds of real time recommendations into research, team creation, ideation and writing processes.

Successfully Completed Projects


The FUPOL project was funded under the FP7 work program of the European Union. The focus of FUPOL is the development of an innovative IT solution for policy process modeling, simulation and forecasting, new governance and the joint solution of complex societal problems. The goal of FUPOL is to advance research and development in the areas of simulation, policy process modeling, semantic analysis and visualization. The scientific method used in the project is based on complexity theory. This is considered to be suitable for complex social problems.



The Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences set up the project  “Trend Analytics for Society” (VisCOST)  to identify the economic and societal effects of events, decisions, and trends at an early stage and enable actors to make appropriate decisions from different perspectives. With seventeen partners from 10 European countries, the aim was to optimize and use technological and methodological innovations to identify early trends in the fields of politics, business, education and research and to develop adequate solutions to the identified challenges.


Partnerships with Eastern Europe

Digitization and digital play an increasingly important role in vocational training, schools and even in university teaching. Various open educational technologies, approaches and methods are available that can be applied for digital learning in a fruitful way. In this context, there is often a lack of understanding basic digital concepts and educational approaches for learning and teaching. Together with our project partners in the fields vocational training, basic language learning and university-level learning, it is intended to use the opportunities offered by digitization for vocational education and training and to open up access possibilities for multipliers, learners, trainers and teachers.


The project “AVARTIM” is to be used to develop a software-supported process for recognizing and evaluating trends, market and technology signals in order to sustainably support the process of innovation and technology management.


Together with our project partners in vocational training, basic language learning, and university-level learning, we used the opportunities offered by digitization for vocational education and training to open up access possibilities for multipliers, learners, trainers, and teachers.