Human-Computer Interaction & Visual Analytics Group

The Research Group on Human-Computer Interaction & Visual Analytics (vis) at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences works on the entire transformation process from raw data over extracting meaningful information through machine learning methods to interactive visualizations. Thereby new algorithms for data mining, machine learning and visualizations are developed as well as approaches for interacting with visual information systems. Our research goes beyond the state-of-the-art and enhances existing approaches to meet industry demands. We research and develop to enable human make precise decisions with Visual Analytics and information visualization systems in various domains. Examples for such domains, we are currently working on are:

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Semantics Visualization
  • Visual Analytics
  • Adaptive Visualization
  • Artificial Intelligence & Data Mining

Our research is strongly related to current market needs that faces particularly nowadays enterprise challenges. Therefore, we apply our research experience to current application scenarios that we work for:


We are conducting applied research in the fields machine learning, data analytics, trend analytics, artificial intellgince, nlp and of course Human-Computer Interaction and Visual Analytics. We see in our research activities a mission from society and economy to enhance the technological developments for the humanity with care and transparency. We hope that our research developments are enhancing the technological developments and enable human to manage life, work and company in a more easy way.


We teach mainly courses like Visual Analytics, User-Centered Design, Information Visualization and many more at the Darmstadt University of Applied Science as full professor. We have adjunct teaching activities with Cork Institute of Technology and the Technische Universtität Darmstadt as Adjunct Senior Lecturer. Final exams like master- or PhD-theses are conducted at all involved universtities.

Technology & Services

We are offering cutting-edge technological developments in machine learning, visualization and analytics. We combine the benefits of linguistic methods with statistical and neuro-intelligent methods to solve real-world problems and meet industry demands. We are further offering consultancies, networks and reliable expertise to maximise the effiency and effectiveness of technology-strategies in companies and legal organizations.

Industrial Use

We have many years expertise in applied technology developments at Fraunhofer Institute (IGD) and with our industrial partners at the Darmstadt University of Applied Science. We cooperate with a sustainable network of academic and industrial partners in Europe. Our technological developments meet the demands of the industry. Many technologies are already applied and integrated in companies’ technologies.