Human-Computer Interaction & Visual Analytics Group

The complexity and size of today’s data require new approaches to enable an efficient and effective handling, analysis and generation of values. Above all, efficiency is an essential aspect when making decisions based on data. To enable human making precise and efficient decisions, interactive graphical representations give a quick overview of existing problems, enable advanced analytics and provide a deeper insight into the domain problem. To force and enhance this, current approaches are developed, as well as modern research approaches are taken into account, which are usually generated in the context of research projects. In various industrial application scenarios, our previously developed SemaVis technology were already able to convince the industry demands with a variety of application scenarios.

Visualizations help to explain complex facts comprehensible to humans. The Human-Computer Interaction & Visual Analytics group at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences works on processing data in the form of texts, images and graphics and their associations with visually ascertainable information and supporting the process of knowledge acquisition and information gathering. The aim is to semantify existing big data and therwith enrich structured data with “visual semantics”, allowing users to understand the relationships between data and make decisions more precisely and efficiently.


As part of various research projects, our technologies is being further developed and, above all, optimized for various domains.

This allows domain actors to work more effectively using visual tools.


Through the combination of research and teaching, young scientists are being promoted, while at the same time new ideas from students can find their way into research. In various courses we give students the option of dealing with semantics and information visualization.

Technology & Services

Through intelligent data processing, the user gets an optimal overview of the data, in addition to sustainable visualization for search, exploration and analysis. This allows performing complex analytical tasks with easy-to-use technological components.

Industrial Use

Our technologies include a number of innovative features that have been developed as part of the research. Another essential goal is to transfer this know-how and innovation to the industry.

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