Semantic visualizations help to explain complex facts comprehensible to humans. We work to process data in the form of text, images and graphics and their associations to visually identifiable information and to support the process of acquiring knowledge and information. Not only are semantic data visualized, which enrich the Internet with their ever-growing volume. It also enriches structured data with “visual semantics”, allowing users to understand the relationships between data and make decisions more securely and efficiently.

With the semantic visualization solution, information is processed semantically and displayed with the aid of various graphic visualization forms. Thus, the knowledge in the “Internet of the data” can be further developed and used. SemaVis connects and presents different data from different data sources. This technology simplifies complex processes and organizes information visually. Users can control the way to the information they are looking for and easily track it visually. It’s easier to get the result you want.

The ever-increasing amount of information on the internet shows the growing trend towards visual solutions. Linked data, in particular, can efficiently visualize the context of the information and facilitate the search for information. The
Information search is facilitated by the interactive visualization of associations, categorizations and abstractions. In addition, semantic visualization provides the representation of the information context, which in turn facilitates the formulation of the search. Connections between different data are immediately recognizable and easy to understand. Knowledge can be better captured, interpreted and recorded.