Partnerships with Eastern Europe

The Research Group on Human-Computer Interaction and Visual Analytics is the leading partner of the project research and teaching collaboration with Eastern Europe, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), including partners from Russia, Romania, and Poland.

Strengthening the collaboration with Eastern Europe is a strategic decision that should lead to more collaboration and cooperation activities with our European partners.

This project aims, in particular, to exchange both teaching and research in a bidirectional way to reduce the noticed inequality of collaborations between Western and Eastern Europe.

Subjects of our collaboration activities are machine learning and information visualization, with a strong collaboration with the Technical University of Ulyanovsk in Russia. The project is set up for three years and involves various faculties of Darmstadt University.

We believe that the development of joint teaching, mutual personal experiences, and direct exchange between teachers, researchers, and students represent a positive approach to strengthening and deepening our partnerships.