In an increasingly dynamic and competitive business world, the effective use of technology is becoming a crucial component for the sustainable success of companies. The early identification and strategic use of relevant technologies is crucial in this context, not only to secure competitive advantages, but also to prevent potential market disruptions.

As part of the VAVTech project, an innovative visual analysis system is being developed to support companies, company founders and strategic advisors in identifying promising technologies at an early stage and precisely forecasting their possible course. An extensive collection of scientific publications serves as the data basis, as these sources represent technologies at an early stage and are thus ideally suited for early technology detection.

The analysis system combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) methods, in particular neural networks, with interactive visualisations. This allows users to gain insights into emerging, largely unknown technologies in an intuitive and informative way. The neural network has a modular structure to ensure its use in different areas and thus provide the basis for versatile use.

This work is funded by the Hessian Center for AI (hessian.AI), Germany