European Cooperation in Science and Technology

The Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is setting up the project “Trend Analytics for Society,” a network of partners from science, politics, and business to identify the economic and societal effects of events, decisions, and trends at an early stage and enable actors to make appropriate decisions from different perspectives. With seventeen partners from 10 European countries, the aim is to optimize and use technological and methodological innovations to identify early trends in the fields of politics, business, education, and research and to develop adequate solutions to the identified challenges. The interdisciplinary European network relies on the expertise of the involved partners, who are internationally renowned in their respective fields. From a technological point of view, methods of digitization, artificial intelligence, visual analytics, data analytics, and simulation will be optimized and used for different application scenarios. Thereby, the actors in the respective areas define the challenges themselves, whereby data-driven trends will also be identified. The validation of the results is also carried out by the actors of the respective areas. Therefore, a network of interdisciplinary partners has been established who are able to qualitatively define and assess those challenges and solutions.


The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under funding number 13FH020AN9


The set up network page is available on: