Over the past few years, the growing and intensive development of information technology in the manufacturing industry has led to a significant change in the methods and tools supporting the factories of the future. The hot topics around Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing aim at the digital and organizational transformation of traditional factories and industrial systems as well as several other sectors. The International Conference on Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing (ISM 2020) provides the perfect setting and a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange, the review and discussion of theoretical advances, research results, and industrial experiences, among scientists, researchers, decision makers, practitioners and students.

Paper: CONTEXT: An Industry 4.0 Dataset of Contextual Faults in a Smart Factory

Cyber-physical systems in smart factories get more and more integrated and interconnected. Industry 4.0 accelerates this trend even further. Through the broad interconnectivity a new class of faults arise, the contextual faults, where contextual knowledge is needed to find the underlying reason. Fully-automated systems and the production line in a smart factory form a complex environment making the fault diagnosis non-trivial. Along with the dataset, we give a first definition of contextual faults in the smart factory and name initial use cases. Additionally, the dataset encompasses all the data recorded in a current state-of-the-art smart factory. We also add additional information measured by our developed sensing units to enrich the smart factory data even further. In the end, we show a first approach to detect the contextual faults in a manual preliminary analysis of the recorded log data.

Link to Paper: DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2021.01.265


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