We are again co-organizing the track International Symposium Visual Analytics and Data Science (VA) at the next International Information Visualisation Conference (iV 2024) in Coimbra, Portugal on 23-26 July 2024. The Information Visualisation Conference (iV) is an international conference that aims to provide a foundation for integrating the human-centered, technological and strategic aspects of information visualization to promote international exchange, cooperation, and development.

In the present information era, most aspects of our lives depend on and are driven by data, information, knowledge, user experience, and culture. Information Visualisation, Visual Analytics, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science are only a few research areas of the current state of the art, enabling to increase of the comprehension of the information on which is based the infrastructure of our society. The International Conference on Information Visualisation is concentrated on these hot topics.  As in the previous edition, this year, there will be the opportunity to start international cooperation and European research projects and discuss with international relevance keynote speakers. The conference is articulated in symposia, with details and further information available on the Symposiawebpage.


Your work may be submitted as

  • a full paper
  • a short paper
  • a poster presentation (displayed online or during the showcase event)


These submissions include, but are not limited to

  • Information Visualisation Theory & Practice
  • Applications of Information Visualization
  • Glyphs: Shapes, Icons, Text and Imagery in Visualization
  • Information Visualization Evaluation
  • Human-Computer Interaction for Information Visualization
  • Graph Theory & Network Visualization
  • Knowledge Visualization and Visual Thinking
  • Learning Analytics
  • Music Visualization
  • Digital Humanities Knowledge Visualisation
  • Visual Analytics and Data Science
  • AI and Visual Knowledge Discovery
  • Visualization in Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Advances in Interactive and Visual Data Clustering
  • Big data Visualization and Visual Analytics
  • Visualisation in Business Intelligence and Open Data
  • Social Issues Analysis and Visualisation
  • AI Empowered Visual Computing
  • Augmented Reality Visualization and Art
  • Digital Art and Gallery
  • Visualization, Art, & Design
  • Computer Animation, Information Visualisation, and Digital Effects
  • Digital Entertainment
  • Computer Games and their applications
  • Visualization and Artificial Intelligence for Medicine, Healthcare and Social Good
  • Visualisation in Built and Rural Environment
  • ResearcherLink in Sustaining Built Heritage
  • Visualisation for the Heritage of Asia-Pacific Architecture and Urbanism
  • Geometric Modelling and Imaging


Interested parties in the area of Visual Computing are invited to submit paper their proposal until April 1st 2024 via the conference submission system.

Please note our summarization of the 28th International Conference Information Visualization (iV 2024) event.