This year’s Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC) will take place with the support of scientists and members of our team. The 6th edition of the conference also aims at young academics and is primarily organized and held by the colleagues from Ulster University (Belfast, Northern Ireland). The conference will take place from 10-11 September 2020, but due to the Corona crisis, the conference will also take place for the first time, at least partially, in virtual form.

The CERC was held for the first time in 2010 by the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) and the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and was originally organized by lecturers from the IT department of these two institutions. The event, which takes place alternately every year at one of the partner universities, is deliberately interdisciplinary and the presented researches covers a wide range of topics – from bioinformatics to social history. This promotes the exchange of ideas between the specialist areas and thus the opportunity for new collaborations.

If you have interesting research results, you are invited to submit your paper by May 31st. Interested parties can also attend the conference without a submission. Please note the information on the website: