Dr. Lukas Kaupp successfully defended his Ph.D. In his thesis, “Context-Aware Fault Diagnosis in Smart Manufacturing,” Dr. Kaupp developed a novel approach for detecting faults and outliers in factory production facilities through artificial intelligence approaches and visual analytics. He was supervised by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Humm (1. Supervisor), Prof. Dr. Kawa Nazemi (2. Supervisor), and Prof. Dr. Jens-Peter Akelbein (3. Supervisor).

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schwanecke and Prof. Dr. Tobias Schreck (TU Graz) for serving as examiners. We also thank Prof. Dr. Melanie Siegel and Prof. Dr. Paul Grimm for serving on the audit committee and Prof. Dr. Ralph Dörner for chairing the committee.