A Stellar Performance in Tampere, Finland!

Our research group has showcased its expertise at the much-anticipated iV 2023 event. We’re proud to announce that we presented four groundbreaking papers, all converging under the banner of Artificial Intelligence and Visual Analytics. The insights we brought to the table were met with enthusiastic responses, and the conference, which emphasizes the fusion of human-centered, technological, and strategic facets of information visualization, proved to be a thriving platform for international discourse and collaboration.

Best Paper Award & Beyond!

Our groundbreaking work was awarded with the ‘Best Paper Award’. Our papers spanned a range of intriguing topics, from explainable AI to the nuances of generative AI in visual analytics. Here’s a sneak peek into our contributions:

  • Visual Analytics for Corporate Foresight – A Conceptual Approach: (Lead-author: Lennart B. Sina) This paper introduces a holistic visual analytics approach combining strategic management and diverse organizational forms, offering foresight, hindsight, and insight.
  • Visual Analytics for Forecasting Technological Trends from Text: (Lead-author: Cristian A. Secco) This paper presents a novel technique for forecasting emerging technological trends. The approach blends interactive visualizations with machine learning and statistical methods, facilitating trend detection and prediction from textual data.
  • Recommendations in Visual Analytics – An Analytical Approach for Elaboration in Science: (Lead-author: Midhad Blazevic) This research emphasizes the untapped potential of recommendation systems in scientific domains. The paper introduces a novel approach integrating recommendation methods with interactive visualizations, enabling an analytical investigation of the current technological and scientific state.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Visual Analytics: (Kawa Nazemi) This paper provides a comprehensive overview of artificial intelligence techniques in Visual Analytics. It stresses the importance of explainable artificial intelligence in Visual Analytics and human knowledge generation processes.

A Leadership Role: Professor Kawa Nazemi, our research group’s principal investigator (PI), took on multiple roles at the conference. Not only did he co-chair the event, but he also captivated the audience with an opening note on Data Science and Visual Analytics. Furthermore, he also introduced the keynote speaker, our valued partner and friend, Prof. Tobias Schreck from the Graz University of Technology.

Panel Discussion: The event was enriched by an insightful panel discussion in which Prof. Nazemi explained the importance of AI and visualization. Sharing the platform with greats like Prof. Gavrilova (Calgary), Prof. Kovalerchuk (Washington), Prof. Andonie (Washington), and Prof. Schreck (Graz), the discussion was a deep dive into the future challenges and opportunities poised at the intersection of AI and Visual Analytics.

The future of Visual Analytics and AI is teeming with possibilities, and our research group remains committed to pioneering innovations in this realm. Here’s to more knowledge, growth, and accolades!

Stay tuned for more updates and the full release of our papers in the upcoming proceedings provided by IEEE.

This work was partially funded by the Hessian Center for AI (hessian.AI), Germany